Citation II

The Citation II light jet offers many of the refreshment, performance and runway capabilities of it’s fleet brethren at the most economical price. If you have never chartered a jet, our Citation II is a great place to start.

Tail Number N204CF
Passengers 8
Baggage 41 Cubic Feet
Speed 420 mph
Max Range 1,200 nm
Cabin Dimension L: 16′ W: 4.8′ H: 4.7′

Citation V

Citations are light jets with slightly smaller, yet well stocked cabins, than the mid-size aircraft. With high altitude weather avoiding capability, external and internal baggage capacity and shorter runway requirements the Citation V offers the discriminant traveler significant flexibility for a variety of destinations.

Tail Number N560CF
Passengers 8
Baggage 41 Cubic Feet
Speed 460 mph
Max Range 1,400 nm
Cabin Dimension L: 17.3′ W: 4.9′ H: 4.8′

Falcon 2000LX

Tail Number N515CF
Passengers 10
Baggage Cubic Feet
Speed mph
Max Range 4,000 nm
Cabin Dimension L: ‘ W: ‘ H: ‘